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Palm Beach County Lighted Signs

Your business will have a better chance at success with magnified visibility. However, if your location has low surrounding traffic, many nearby competitors, or other obstructions that may hide you from your potential customers’ views, you might be missing out on a lot of opportunities for your business.

custom illuminated channel lettersTo rise above your location issues and still catch the attention of your target market, our Palm Beach County lighted signs will help you outshine your competitors and grant you maximum visibility. They are available in various design options and cost-efficient choices, allowing you to have a wider reach and easily guide people to your establishment.

Axe Signs & Wayfinding can provide you with every type of lighted sign that you may need—your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Composed of professional signage designers, manufacturers, and installers, our team is more than capable of giving you premium illuminated signage. From cost-efficient LED signs to modern programmable digital message centers, our products and services will never disappoint.

If you want durable and attractive Palm Beach County lighted signs at a quick turnaround, Axe Signs & Wayfinding is the best signage provider you can ever work with.

Call Axe Signs & Wayfinding today at (561) 621-4989 for your Free Consultation with a Palm Beach County Lighted Sign Specialist!

Traditional Neon Signs

custom neon signFrom the early 1900s until now, businesses have known how beneficial neon signs can be. They give off a certain charm that will make any establishment worthy of attention, even in today’s generation. This makes neon signs a good signage choice for boosted visibility, especially at night hours.

Neon signs are naturally eye-catching, but that’s not all there is to this type of signage. They are also versatile and can be utilized to achieve various advertising goals. Their neon-filled glass tubes are highly flexible and can be bent into the shape of any letter, number, symbol, or logo that you want.

However, neon signs are expensive to purchase and operate. They consume a high level of energy and are not particularly environment-friendly. Fortunately, there’s a better alternative!

If you want the classic charm of neon signs but would like to avoid the cost that comes with it, Axe Signs & Wayfinding can provide you with LED signs instead.

Lighted LED Signs

Cafe Icon Lighted Storefront Sign Channel LettersIf you’re looking for an economical, energy-efficient alternative to neon, LED signs are the best you can get. They are cheaper to buy and runs on lower energy compared to neon. They can give you both upfront and long-term savings, one of the reasons why they became one of our most popular lighted signs.

Aside from being affordable, LED signs also offer superior performance. Their lights stay bright and visible even during broad daylight, a vast difference from neon signs whose light blend with sunlight. With LED lighting, your business will remain visible and keep on attracting customers from morning till night.

Also, LED signs are made of thin polymer tubes that are flexible enough to be shaped into every letter, number, symbol, and logo you require. They also don’t generate heat which makes them safe to install in lower places, allowing people to touch them without worrying about getting scorched. These tubes are also easier to install—indoors or outdoors—since they occupy less space.

Even better, LED lighting can also be incorporated into your traditional business signs. With LED backlighting, your cabinet signs or channel letters will become even more attractive while still offering their natural professional look, letting you attract more customers every day.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Royal Cyber - Indoor Backlit Lobby SignAlthough commonly seen outdoors, lighted signs can do more than just providing you with a show-stopping storefront. They can also make your interior more engaging for your customers and a better workplace for your employees. Your facility’s aesthetics will certainly level up as you install indoor lighted signs to showcase information either for branding, advertising, or other communication needs.

One good way to utilize indoor illuminated signage is to install them in your lobby or reception area. They will act as welcome signage that will impress your guests and reinforce your professionalism. You can also use them to simply identify the different stations and rooms within your establishment, giving your customers the passive assistance that will make their experience more convenient and pleasing.

Additionally, compelling menu boards and advertising posters can also be achieved using Palm Beach County lighted signs. They can highlight your best products or emphasize new, important business information that is relevant for your guests and employees.

Regardless of the business that you run, trust that our lighted signs will help you achieve your advertising or messaging needs in a more efficient, cost-effective way!

Programmable Digital Message Centers

Dairy Queen Pylon SignLighted signs are not limited to LED signs and illuminated traditional signage alone. For many businesses, using programmable digital message centers is now a convenient, more compelling way of getting their advertising message across.

Axe Signs & Wayfinding is a trusted and experienced provider of premium-quality programmable message centers with LED displays. We offer them in different shapes, sizes, and display options, with which we will help you make a wise decision. We will also guide you in choosing whether it’s best for your message to be projected in static or have it moving or animated.

Aside from giving your business a modern touch, the convenience they provide in updating advertising messages and other business information is what made programmable digital message centers rose to popularity. With only your computer, you can update your signs whenever you need to promote a new product, service, or event.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

Palm Beach County Lighted Signs illuminated cabinet channel letters outdoor install 300x225When it comes to signage-related services, Axe Signs & Wayfinding is a trusted all-around provider. We handle every aspect of signage production and maintenance, ensuring that your Palm Beach County, FL lighted signs will be designed, manufactured, and installed in the most accurate way possible.

Every signage we work on is completed based on the industry’s highest standards. The materials that we use are all top-graded and are guaranteed to last for a long time regardless of where you want to install your signage. Even better, we have been in the service for quite a long time and have already established relationships with the best suppliers, allowing us to offer you high-quality materials that won’t break your budget.

More importantly, we customize our signage to ensure that the result will look and function in the exact way you expect your sign to be. Our meticulous craftsmen have eyes for detail and are well-equipped to create the best lighted sign that matches your brand and marketing goals. No matter what type of illuminated signage you’re dreaming of, rest assured that Axe Signs & Wayfinding can bring it to reality at a quick turnaround.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

Palm Beach County Lighted Signs Axe signs logo black 300x149When it comes to signage making, Axe Signs & Wayfinding has set the bar up high with our skills, equipment, and dedication to providing quality service. Whether you need a lightbox sign, LED sign, digital sign, or other kinds of illuminated signage, trust that our team can expertly put together the best signage for your business.

With world-class designers and craftsmen, Axe Signs & Wayfinding guarantees a compelling, dynamic lighted sign that will attract more customers to your establishment. Whether you want to boost your storefront’s aesthetics, improve your interior design, or simply add an extra flair to your old signage, our lighted sign services will certainly be worth investing in.

Call Axe Signs & Wayfinding today at (561) 621-4989 for your Free Consultation with a Palm Beach County Lighted Sign Specialist!